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Introducing Tuff™ Tag - the ultimate solution for worker tracking and safety. This versatile tag can be used to track workers, employees, visitors, and guests in various industries including construction, manufacturing and in hazardous industries such as oil and gas, chemicals etc. With features like lone worker tracking, tracking during emergency evacuation, attendance entry/exit, and productivity tracking, Tuff™ Tag is a must-have for any workplace concerned with safety and efficiency. Its durability makes it ideal to track workers at height or in harsh conditions. Ensure the safety and security of your workforce with Tuff™ Tag.


Tuff™ Tag works with BLE beacons which will help organizations track workers who are found at worksites with inadequate PPE compliance. Besides, BLE beacons can help organizations track workers at various zones at indoor locations, track attendance entry/exit, capture overtime and arrive at productivity data much more efficiently.


Any organization with huge workforce will immensely benefits with its unique features related to identification of employees during emergencies and mustering them at the assembly point. 

Tuff™ Tag

SKU: 202014230223
₹4,999.00 Regular Price
₹4,499.00Sale Price

20% Discount

  • We offer attractive discounts on high quantity orders and they are applied automatically based on the order quantity during checkout.

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