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Introducing Tuff™ Mini - the ultimate solution for asset tracking. This versatile tag can be used by enterprises to track assets, pallets, containers, and other valuable cargo in transit or in warehouses. Fitted with a host of sensors, this smart tracker senses vibrations, movements, device tamper, asset tamper and gives complete peace of mind to organizations and help track the assets and cargo at periodic intervals or on demand from an intuitive cloud application. With our new route mapping feature, any geo-fence entry and exit can be triggered instantly and unauthorized movements can be easily monitored.


Tuff™ Mini works with a compatible vehicle mount BLE beacon which when paired detects and alerts any unauthorized removal of valuable cargo. Its miniature design and convenient mounting options allow anonymous tracking of assets easier.


With 360° visibility on the assets right from production, storage, and shipment to delivery, Tuff™ Mini enables enterprises cut down idle time and helps them plan and execute their procurement, production, and delivery activities more efficiently. Tuff™ Mini is a must-have for enterprises of any size concerned about asset safety, visibility, just-in-time procurement, and production planning.


With a single charge, Tuff™ Mini functions flawlessly up to 7 years with 24 hours polling interval or 3 months with 15 minutes polling interval. As all the device settings are configured through a web application, Tuff™ Mini gives complete flexibility to users to configure device settings even after deployment.

Tuff™ Mini

₹5,499.00 Regular Price
₹4,999.00Sale Price

20% Discount

  • We offer attractive discounts on high quantity orders and they are applied automatically based on the order quantity during checkout.

    • 101 to 250 numbers - 5% discount (INR 4,749 / USD 57.21)
    • 251 to 500 numbers - 10% discount (INR 4,499 / USD 54.20)
    • 501 to 1000 numbers - 15% discount (INR 4,249 / USD 51.19)
    • 1001 and above - 20% discount (INR 3,999 / USD 48.18)
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